Drilling Services

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We are engaged in conventional drilling, workovers, well completion and well testing. Petrolog has one of the leading professional drilling forces utilizing advanced technology, rich experience, excellent associated services. With well over 500,000 ft of drilling experience. Petrolog has proven to be a tested player in the onshore drilling sector.

Petrolog Group has well trained & experienced drilling crews, as well as workover/well testing crews. Petrolog uses a complete set of techniques for drilling deep/special wells in high-temperature, high-pressure and high-sulfur formation that are adapted to Carbonate reservoirs.

  • drilling and completion of deep/ultra-deep wells;
  • drilling and completion of horizontal, directional, cluster, through-casing directional wells;
  • well track control and targeting in high dip formations and structures;
  • balance/under balance drilling and scrubbing technique
  • natural gas/air/inert gas drilling;
  • blowout control and well fire-fighting;
  • integrated leakage control and complicated downhole accident control;
  • workover of complicated wells

With considerable drilling experience on land, Petrolog is equally experienced with offshore drilling. The following categories of drilling equipment are available for offshore drilling.

Petrolog can provide mobile offshore drilling units (MODU) through strategic partnership and collaboration with our joint venture partner companies.


Barges equipped with drilling rigs are suitable for drilling in shallow waters immediately offshore as well as in swamps in water depths up to 100 feet and can drill up to 30,000 feet deep wells.

Platform Rigs

Rigs operating from fixed platforms can drill in relatively deeper water.

Jack-up Rigs

These are capable of drilling in varying water depths and are equally capable of drilling in depths of 20,000 ft and in water depths of 400 ft.

Semi Submersibles

Semi submersible rigs are suitable for drilling in water depths greater than 1000 ft. These semi submersibles are of two types. One type of submersible can be moored at the bottom of the sea floor (Water depth 1000 ft) and can drill up to 30,000 ft. The second type is the one, which is dynamically positioned in the open seas in water depths of 10,000 to 12,000ft. These are capable of drilling up to 30,000 ft.

Drill Ships

Drill ships are equipped with drilling rigs capable of drilling in any water depths. These are usually used to drill wells in water depths of more than 12,000 ft., and can drill up to 30,000 ft.